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              The Culture of KingRong
              Add time:2016-07-21    Click:890

              From a baby to a solid company with mature management system and quality system, KingRong has been experiencing the nature selection of the market.  
              In order to survive in the fierce competition world, we spend the rest of our time devoting to improve the working efficiency of employees and developing our unique culture as an enterprise.
              Nowadays, to standardize our management system, we decided to change the meeting style ,which will become more special and acceptable.
              Currently, a draft Power Point text has been created, and this draft will be used in our regular meeting, which means the lack of environmental protection consciousness and standardization will be completely discarded.
              That PPT uniformizes the model of our summary. But also sets up the corresponding column according to the needs of different departments respectively.
              We believe that, in the constant practice and adjustment, this working style will be incorporated into each colleague's behavior, into KingRong’s culture.
              No matter where we go, we can find our KRECO style!

                                                                                                                                Sharon Wu