eg:UL1007 Hook-up Wire

        electronics components ac adaptor

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            After years of development, KRECO has established a perfect sales network worldwide. With the expansion of company scale and product range scale, we are now selling globally products to 60 countries in the world.
            The company's sales is not only products, but also more perfect service.
            We will develop, design, and create more customized products for the society.

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            No. Code Name State Zone
            1 140032-BYB Al***** Europe Belarus
            2 140055-BLB Lo***8 Europe France,Belguin,Holand,EU
            3 141141-UKB OE*** Europe UK,EU
            4 142362-DEB AM*** Europe Germany,EU
            5 152464-ITB HR*** Europe ITALY,EU
            6 151701-ZAB Ico**** South Africa South Africa
            7 150477-AUG Ma**** Australia Australia, New Zealand