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              Customer Visit: I think KRECO is the one
              Add time:2017-04-15    Click:507

              It’s an exciting day again on April 13, 2017. One of our new customers from Israel and their Guangzhou office representative come and first time visit our factory this day.
              After the introduction to each other, we have had a brief introduction of KRECO, about corporate architecture, management ideas, productivity etc.
              Due to the tight timetable, CEO leads to tour the production workshop and main operating offices quickly.
              During the lunch break, customer expressed the favorable impression of KRECO directly, that’s really inspiring. Quote from the words of our customer, “We met so many people, we met so many factories, and you know sometimes I just feel that eh… they are not the one. I think KRECO is the one.”
              First of all, thanks to our works affirmation and encouragement.
              In the future, KRECO will remain the core values of honest, responsible and  good service to our clients!
              KRECO is the one!


              Sharon W


               Disclaimer: This article comes from individual, KRECO has the right of final interpretation.